Our Mission & Vision

The Jacksonville Survivors Foundation is mission focused on supporting survivors of homicide in Jacksonville, FL. Our objectives include providing advocacy, care, understanding, solidarity, and community support to those who have been affected by the traumatic experience of losing a loved one to homicide.

Advocacy: The foundation works to raise awareness about the impact of homicide on survivors and may engage in efforts to advocate for policies and services that address their needs.

Care: Providing emotional, psychological, and practical support to survivors can help them navigate the difficult journey of healing after such a tragic event.

Understanding: Grief and trauma resulting from homicide are unique and complex, and the foundation strives to understand and empathize with survivors' experiences.

Solidarity: Building a sense of community and solidarity among survivors can be powerful in fostering a support network where individuals can share their stories and find common ground.

Community Support: Involving the broader community can create a more comprehensive support system, allowing survivors to feel less isolated and more connected.

Overall, the Jacksonville Survivors Foundation's mission reflects a commitment to helping survivors cope with their loss and find resources and support during one of the most challenging times in their lives. By providing these services, JSF contributes to promoting healing and resilience within the community affected by homicide in Jacksonville, FL.