Meet Our Team

Matt Anlage (Director of Finance, Founder, Survivor) 

Crystal Anlage (Executive Director, Founder, Survivor)

Matt & Crystal have been friends since high school. They were married in May 2011.  Matt is a shop supervisor for a local metal fabrication shop.  Crystal is a Victim Advocate at Project: Cold Case.  In 2014, Crystal trained to become a Guardian Ad Litem, and her focus was on older children & teens. During this process, Matt & Crystal decided to become foster/adoptive parents. In September of 2015, they met their 15 year old son Jacquez. They decided he would officially become a part of their family. On February 17, 2016 Jacquez officially became an Anlage.  Fast forward to 2020, Jacquez moved out of the family home, and 2 months later, they got the visit that no parent EVER wants.  On the morning of October 17th, 2020, someone shot and killed Jacquez. They are still fighting for justice and they will NEVER stop. His case remains unsolved.