About Us

Jacksonville Survivors Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, was founded from a place of need. When a family encounters violent crime that ultimately results in the death of their loved one, you don't get handed a guide book. You aren't handed a list of next steps or resources. You are usually given a case number and told to call if you have any questions. You are there, in a daze. Consumed with fear, disbelief, and often times, anxiety. You don't TRULY know what this is like until you go through it. No family should be left to wonder what's next. We are trying to build an army of SURVIVORS, because we are NOT victims! We must fight for our loved ones! Let us come along beside you and walk this journey with you. No families left behind! Let's take our power back! Let's learn to live again!

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Survivors For Survivors, No Family Walks Alone!