Homicide & Grief

Homicide is defined as the death of a person caused by criminal activity committed by another human being. 

(Information on grief adapted from the Wendt Center on Loss and Healing)

What is grief?

The immediate time following a death, your grief can become overwhelming. Many of these thoughts and feelings you might experience are normal. At times, it might feel like too much to handle and as if your grief will never stop. Here are some things to know about how grief can be helpful:

What are normal grief reactions after homicide?

If you are a loved one of a homicide victim or experiencing grief, you may feel:

What can I do to address grief?

While no one reacts to homicide or grieves in the same way, these steps may be helpful:

What can I do after a homicide?

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Visit the Wendt Center’s About Grief page for general suggestions on the grieving process, seeking help, and common reactions.

The Dougy Center of the National Center for Grieving Children and Families provides guidance on supporting grieving children.